EMDR Training & Consultation for Therapists

As an EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist and an Approved EMDR Consultant, Inner Atlas Founder Cassie Krajewski offers both EMDR training and specialty consultation to other therapists. As an experienced EMDR clinician, Cassie helps other mental health professionals learn how to use the framework of EMDR and the AIP Model to treat complex trauma, disordered eating, substance use, and relational and sexual issues.

Individual & Group Consultation

Being an EMDR therapist can be confusing and isolating at times. But you don't have to navigate your cases and questions alone. Whether you’re newly trained or an experienced EMDR practitioner, we’ve got you covered through individual and group consultation. Consultation is a great way to improve your confidence as an EMDR Therapist, elevate your skills, and receive guidance.

Plus, individual and group consultation hours can count towards hours for EMDR Certification or Consultant-in-Training. Becoming certified or a consultant in EMDR shows an advanced competency for your practice. And while the title is nice, the process of consultation with Cassie, and the learning it entails, transforms your EMDR practice and elevates it to the next level.

Commonly Addressed Topics

  • Treatment Planning
  • Case Conceptualization
  • Theoretical Foundations
  • Complex Trauma & Dissociation
  • Preparation & Resourcing Techniques
  • Target Selection & Sequencing
  • Specialty Protocols & Procedures
  • Blocked Processing Strategies
  • Interweaves
  • Integrating IFS or parts work
  • Applications to Disordered Eating, Body Shame,
    & Substance Use

How It Works

Individual consulting sessions are offered virtually via Zoom, beginning with an initial call to discuss your consulting needs and goals. Consulting relationships are always customized to ensure you get the support you need. As a consultee, you can choose to meet once a month, or set the pace based on your preferences, with all scheduling done through Calendly.  

Group consulting sessions range between 60-90 minutes and are held virtually through Zoom. Cassie facilitates several EMDR consultation groups, which often have a specific area of focus, such as certification or consultant in training. Specialized topics may also be integrated into group sessions, such as Internal Family Systems, disordered eating, sex and intimacy, and substance use. Working individually or in a group, Cassie brings an engaging and relational style to the consulting experience.

The Benefits of Consultation

Whether you engage in individual or group consultation, you’ll find a safe learning container to get your most pressing questions answered, and gain clarity and confidence on how to work with your most challenging cases. Consultation is also a gift you give to yourself. Cassie strives to create a warm and compassionate place for you to show up fully as you are. When you’re given permission to be human – and naturally imperfect – that’s when real learning can begin.

Individual & Group Consultation

Individual Consultation: $130-175 per hour
Group Consultation: $50-75 per hour

Reduced rates for consultation are available for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ clinicians. Please contact us for more information.
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Downloads for Therapists and Clients

Our goal at Inner Atlas is to empower through creating a nurturing and compassionate environment where clients and therapists alike can awaken inner resources, access their true selves, and use this wisdom for healing and growth. Here you'll find tools created just for you to do just that. When you're ready for personal support, get in touch.

EMDR Training

Cassie offers live and on-demand advanced EMDR trainings focused on EMDR and Eating Disorders, EMDR and Addictions. If you're interested in brining Cassie to your training group to offer her trainings, please use the Get In Touch form on our website.

Here's what trainees are saying about working with Cassie: 

"Cassie was amazing. EMDR and Addictions is one of the best online trainings I have ever taken. Really well done with a balance of education and demonstrations.  Content was rich and really full."

"This class and the presenter rates at the top of the many trainings I have taken. Smooth and seamless. Cassie really knows her specialty like no one I have recently encountered. Excellent wisdom that comes from a seasoned professional."

"The day was enormously helpful. I look forward to future trainings with similar themes. Cassie was terrific."

"What an incredible training! I have so many resources and tools to use with my clients right away. I learned so, so much."