Taking Up Space Podcast

In Taking Up Space, we delve into what it means to fully inhabit our bodies without shame or apology and embrace body liberation. This podcast is for women and marginalized folks who live in a world determined to shrink their voices and experiences, constantly bombarded with the contradictory message that they are both too much and not enough.
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Podcast Episodes

Powerful personal stories and insightful expert interviews

Together, we will explore how to unapologetically reclaim our bodies, our inner wisdom, and our lives. Through powerful personal stories and insightful expert interviews, we will dismantle the systemic barriers and societal norms that confine us. Along this journey, we’ll learn to embody the fullness of ourselves with unwavering confidence and authenticity. Join me as we boldly reclaim our right to take up space—physically, emotionally, relationally, and intellectually—as a profound act of resistance and body liberation.
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