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Come Home to Yourself: A Guide to Befriending Your Body

Do you hide or ignore what you’re feeling? Find it hard to feel good? Do you feel numb or shut down? The experience of disconnection from your body – disembodiment – can stem from trauma, chronic stress, or pain, or be rooted in the influence of white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and ableism. These forces can negatively impact how you feel in and about your body, and lead to further issues. 

Fortunately, there are therapeutic tools, techniques, and practices you can use to reconnect with and begin to trust your body again.

Download "Come Home to Yourself: A Guide to Befriending Your Body" to learn more about:
  • Influences that separate you from your body.
  • Factors that create conflict and interfere with your innate wisdom.
  • Strategies and practices to reconnect with your body.
  • How to access your inner wisdom to help you heal and grow.
Come Home to Yourself A Guide to Befriending Your Body
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